School From Home Network

Here is an overview of sections that School From Home includes in their network:

How To Homeschool - This section covers foundational information and philosophies that provide a valuable understanding of several important homeschool and school from home decisions.  It includes topics such as What Makes Homeschooling Attractive, The Benefits Of An Individualized Curriculum, Understand Common Barriers To Success, Choosing The Right Homeschool Program or Online Christian School, and College Preparation.

Ten Point To Review Before Choosing A Homeschool Program-  This brief page reminds parents what to look for in choosing a homeschool or school from home option.  Your decision is a long term commitment, so you you should be aware of important points to consider.  This decision can be all the difference in success or failure!

Using Online Homeschool Programs-  This page covers the benefits of an online homeschool program, plus at what age to consider its usage.

Using Online Christian Schools-  Reminds us of their benefits, especially moral, character, and spiritual values.  It also explains the financial justification.

Christian Schools And Accreditation. What Does This Mean For You? This not only explains the benefits of accreditation, but explains the differences in accreditations.   This brief page will offer an understanding of an often misunderstood word.

State testing and registration requirements-  This section is under development, but should be completed by the end of January 2013.  It provides achievement testing requirements, state registration requirements, how states view online schools, and other unique requirements.  Links are provided directly to government sources, so you can check directly with your local authorities online information.

Benefits Of Using The Same Program Until Graduation-

Benefits Of Using A Nationwide Homeschool Program- Covers benefits of flexibility in case of job relocation or student living in two places during the year.  There are also several other pages of good information in this section.

Important Information If Using An Online High School- Covers important information specifically for high school students using an online high school program.

Free Homeschooling Options- Important information to consider when considering free homeschooling options.

Challenges Of A School From Home Structure-

College Preparation For Homeschoolers And Online Christian Schools- This section covers college entrance test preparation and testing information, college selection, a graduation checklist, college finances and FAFSA, and tax structuring options.